Why Trust Laxus?


Anthenticity is the key element that Laxus business is built upon. We have a very strict policy against counteit items because our customer’s trust is everything and also we deeply consider the designer’s hard work and effort.

We have been buying & selling handbags since 2006. All items undergo an in-person, multi-touch review process performed our in-house team and our partner team of experts.

We are a member of the Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution. The association certifies that all of our products are authentic.

We offer 7-day returns for any reason. Also, If an item sold by Laxus is proven to be counterfeit, we take responsibility to offer a full refund to our customers.

How We Take Care of Our Bags

Laxus bags are:
Carefully cleaned before shipment
Repaired by experts if necessary

We are responsible for making sure that your bag is clean and last longer as much as it can.


Naturally, all pre-owned bags are mostly shared and used by more than one person. All of us at Laxus fully understand the concern about possible infections through second hand items especially such time as Covid-19.

To overcome our customer’s consideration, we’ve been taking various measures to ensure thorough hygiene management so that you can use our bags with confidence and peace of mind.


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